Groundhog WX
Groundhog WX Updated: 03.26.17 Groundhog WX is a free desktop weather application that retrieves text and graphical weather forecasts and current conditions from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather service. more info>>

RenameZit Updated: 03.01.16 RenameZit is a free file renamer that renames multiple files with a single click. It can also redate files and reset file attributes as well as rename file extentions. more info>>

Jethro's Movie Database
Jethro's Movie Database Updated: 05.09.16 Jethro's Movie Database is designed for situations where you have mutiple videos stored on DVD's or CD's and you want to be able to locate them using this tool. The program is flexible enough that it can be used for any files. more info>>

SplitZilla is a free program used to split any file type into smaller chunks for storing or transferring files where file size limitations are necessary. more info>>